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Let professional recruiters find high quality candidates that are a great fit for your company

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Polar HR focuses on building trusted relationships with employers and candidates

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Our team has a foundation of Human Resources experience and a proven track record of successfully recruiting for a variety of employers

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We specialize in high-end professional recruiting

Employers we work with:

Industrial Automation, Machinery, Manufacturing, Utilities and Not For Profit industries, and more.

Areas of Expertise:

Engineering, Project Management, Finance, HR, Administration, Management, and Executives.

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Our Process

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  1. Learn your recruitment needs and your workplace culture
  2. Commence a targeted search for candidates that have career aspirations in line with your role
  3. Send you qualified candidates that we feel align with your culture
  4. Coordinate candidate interviews
  5. Complete reference checks (upon request)
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More than just a
Recruitment Agency

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We operate in the best interest of our clients

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We value employer and candidate relationships and are dedicated to maintaining them

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We regularly keep in contact with all parties to ensure a positive and predictable experience

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We believe our actions should benefit both parties – helping candidates achieve their career goals and employers meet their business needs by hiring employees that are a good long term fit.

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Save time, money and get the best candidate for the job… the first time

  • Simple & powerful recruitment process
  • Job ready employees assessed by experienced HR professionals
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