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Start hiring qualified and work culture-aligned candidates now with Polar HR. Our team has a foundation of Human Resources experience and a proven track record of successfully recruiting high-quality, long-term employees for a variety of employers.

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How We Choose Our Candidates

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Discovery Phase

We meet with our customers to gain a thorough understanding of the:

  • Technical skill requirements
  • The company culture
  • Your hiring process
  • Compensation package
  • Anticipated start date of each role

This helps us determine your business' needs and narrows down what kind of candidate we search for. This results in a more efficient search and better candidates offered to your open roles.

The Perfect
Candidate Search

Each search is tailored to an individual customer’s needs. Detailed searches may include targeted outreach, network referrals and advertising. We interview our candidates to determine the most qualified candidates for our customers to see. Reference checks can also be completed by Polar HR if requested.

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Polar HR works on contingency. Our service fees are a percentage of the candidates annual base pay.

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